Wonderful World

After being invited to be a guest entertainer on cruise ships and finally seeing more of the world for the first time. I decided to record my latest set of songs that i was performing on board at the time, for my cruise followers, and the title of the album album was a no brainer.

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Palladio0.99Add to Cart!
Wonderful World0.99Add to Cart!
Moonlight Serenade0.99Add to Cart!
A Fifth of Beethoven0.99Add to Cart!
Wishing On A Star0.99Add to Cart!
Theme From Local Hero0.99Add to Cart!
Nessum Dorma0.99Add to Cart!
Theme From Exodus0.99Add to Cart!
My Heart Will Go On0.99Add to Cart!
Ravels Bolero0.99Add to Cart!
Theme From Godfather0.99Add to Cart!
Besame Mucho0.99Add to Cart!
Lovely Day0.99Add to Cart!
Songbird (Live)0.99Add to Cart!